Artist Statement

My work is about growth and discovery.  Through the use of saturated colour and sheer layers of paint, I try to capture the feeling of movement and depth in my paintings. 


I use a dry brush technique, combined with layers of glaze.  I also use various resist methods to force the paint away from certain areas on the canvas.  Together these techniques bring a sense of movement to my work along with a rich depth of colour.


I want to thank my husband, Larry, for all his support of my art.  He was my conscience when I was tired, encouraging me to get down to my studio to paint.  He always believes in me.

To my family and friends for all their kind words of encouragement as I learned, experimented and shared my art.

To all my instructors at Emily Carr a huge thank you!  Specifically a huge thank you to the following:  Frances Grafton, for your teaching and wisdom on composition and form.  Elizabeth Barnes, for your amazing insights into colour theory.  Jeanne Krabbendam, for your enthusiastic encouragement to break out of the box and experiment with various techniques and media.  Chris Tyrell, for all the ‘Business of Art Practice’ knowledge and making me commit to a final project – an art show.

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